Price table/list Tampa International to:

Airport Limo and more, up to 14 passengers

Airport Car and MiniBus Service Tampa and St.Petersburg FL and St.Pete Gulf Beaches

Permitted Airport Limo Service

St.Petersburg and Tampa Florida

All vehicles with commercial insurance. 

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Tampa Airport (TPA) to St.Pete Gulf Beaches has

fixed price of $65.00 for up to 4 passengers.

St.Pete Clearwater Airport (PIE) to St.Pete Gulf Beaches

fixed price of $55.00 for up to 4 passengers.

Using Mini Bus for up to 14 passengers call for price.

For use of luggage trailer add $20.00

Questions please call 727 773 6100

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Gratuity of course greatly appreciated but also optional.

(Example 50 miles x 2.40 = $120.00 easy as 1-2-3.)

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Hans Rosendahl

With 6 passengers need to know amount of luggage don't worry we can handle it ALL.

The price calculated is using Ford Flex Limited.

Questions please call

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DeLoxLimo Hotline

Airport transfer service Tampa International and St.Pete Cleawater Airport

DeLoxLimo Mini Bus Service St.Petersburg FL
DeLoxlimo Deluxe MiniBus Service
MiniBus Service with luggage trailer for all your travel gear.
DeLoxLimo 14 passenger MiniBus Service.

Limo Service St.Petersburg and the Beaches.

Limo Service Tampa International Airport
Limo service Tampa International
Limo Car Service St.Petersburg Florida
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