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    How to choose

    DeLoxLimo is your all 5 star, passenger transportation company.


DeLoxLimo is YOUR Cruise Ship Connection.

Use DeLoxLimo passenger transportation service for up to 14 passengers, between your home and Tampa International and St.Pete Clearwater airport. Covering the Tampa bay area including the Port of Tampa and anywhere in Florida.

How to choose your transportation service. 

Remember to specify what type of transportation you need.

DeLoxLimo Airport Car and MiniBus Service Tampa - St.Petersburg FL 

is NOT a call center.

Now with FREE WIFI

We can handle ALL your luggage and your 

Golf Bags too! GUARANTEED !! 

Just let us know.

We are a privately owned business and do all our own driving. In other words, with DeLoxLimo service you can easily save 25% or more over the prices quoted by a bigger company or call center.

Occasionally, during peak season or for large parties we will partner with similar privately owned small limo services or independent drivers that we have vetted and can vouch for. But the price and service will 

always be the same.  

We take pride in our one to one service and provide our clients with attention that goes well above and beyond the services of the typical limo services obtained through a big company or call center.

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How to choose your transportation service. 

Remember to specify what type of transportation you need.

How To Choose A Great Limo Service

Before you contact, please know what type of transportation you need. Sedan Lincoln Continental Reserve 4 Pax or 3 VIP.

SUV 6 passenger and 6 pieces of Cary-on. For the whole family ask for our 14 passenger MiniBus. We provide FREE use of child safety seats.

Finding a good limo service can be tricky. With so many companies and cars to choose from, how do you pick the right one? We know it may seem confusing, but by asking a few simple questions, a great company can be found. Below, is everything you need to know when looking at different limo services. From licenses to insurance, we got it covered.

Licenses & Associations

Every limousine service should have a license number. This license is issued by the State and allows a limo company to legally operate. In addition,

a reputable company should belong to an association such the Better Business Bureau for past complaints regarding your prospective limo service.

Years In Business

Business Experience is important. Services with some time under their belts are usually better than start-ups. If you run across a new business, ask about the operator’s background. Some of the finest boutique companies are relatively new but are operated by managers and drivers with years of limousine experience.


Every car should have commercial vehicle insurance. Ford Flex Limited are required to have a minimum of $250,000 in liability coverage.

Vehicles that carry eight passengers or more should carry at least $1,5 million.

Referrals (Testimonials)

One of the best ways to find good limo services is through word of mouth. If a friend has used a company on multiple occasions and is happy with the service,

use this company. Above all else, trustworthy first hand referrals are the best way to select a limousine company.

Driver Gratuity

Most limousine services automatically charge a 15% to 20% gratuity.DeLoxLimo DON'T believe in prepaid gratuity - gratuity is only paid to driver for well done service!!

If it’s categorized as a “service charge,” move on to another service. More than likely, the driver is being cheated and you’re dealing with a disreputable company.

Driver Screening

By law, any chauffeur hired by a limo service must take a drug test and have a physical. Good companies follow the state mandates, but also run criminal background checks on prospective employees. In addition to these safeguards, a new driver should have a clean driving record and be familiar with the company’s service area. Look for visual ID card - Every safe driver has ID.

Tampa International after renovation
A night on the town with that special ONE.
DeLoxLimo deluxe car service.VIP
Happy family using DeLoxLimo
Family enjoying the comfort in spacious Crossover SUV
Bachelorette party the Don Cesar St.Pete Beach and 14 passenger MiniBus
Another Bachelorette party enjoing Florida
Another Bachelorette party enjoying sunny Florida.
DeLoxLimo offer free us of child car seats - all types.
Space for all - 14 passenger MiniBus and YES we provide FREE use of all types of child car seats.
DeLoxLimo provide free use of child safety car seats.
DeLoxLimo provide free use of child car seats - just let us know.
6 passenger SUV airport transportation service
Easy access and exit.
14 passenger Van Service with trailer
DeLoxLimo 14 passenger MiniBus Service with space for all your stuff
Tampa International after renovation